PRINCE NOIR DESIGNS : 100+ Friends on Facebook Contest


100+ Friends on Facebook Contest!

We are about to reach 100 friends on Facebook! It has only been a couple days when we started but already we have surpassed our expectations and to Thank all of you Lovely Darklings we will be holding a Contest of all Contest of Rad-tastic and Epic Proportions.
For you see my Little Leiblings we Love you.
"Best in Black"

Show one picture of your BEST Coordinate. Lolita/Gothic outfits using only the colors:
Black, White, Royal Blue, and Dark Red.
Who so ever wins will receive a beautiful headdress to match the gorgeous ensemble presented to us.
The Rules go as such:
1. Only One photo is allowed, not a collection of photos in one picture.
2. Only use the colors: Black, White, Royal Blue, and Dark Red
3. One entry per person
Submitting the photo:
1. Email
2. Include your Name, Email, Facebook and/or Livejournal name
(and if Neither then let us know)
3. Send the photo as an Attachment
Submit Your Photos from Now - June 1st

We will be announcing the winner on June 2nd

Good Luck my Dark Beauties
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kozi awesome


Prince Syu and the House of Noir Presents : PRINCE NOIR DESIGNS
A collaboration Project Of Gothic Lolita, EGL, EGA, PunkLolita Designs

Hello Lovely Darklings,

Prince Syu and The House of Noir(me) Have been working diligently on this project for quite some time now (though feels like a century =_ =) and we humbly present you with results

Photo and Designs by Prince Noir Designs, Model: Mary.

We will have a booth at Fanime in the Artist Alley(you can easily spot us by the surrounding our booth lol) Where we will be selling and Taking commissions, so for now we will start taking orders and commissions in person on the day of Fanime and after Fanime we will start taking commissions and orders on our Facebook page Officially.

On our Facebook Page( or ) We  have display of our Accessories and later to come Our Clothing Collection. In the not too distant future of August we will have a Fashion Show to premiere our Collection called JUDAS "the horned Betrayer"

Come to our Facebook page(
s) friend us and support us with comments and you will be updated on the progress of our work regularly. 

Thank very much and stay Dark my Lovelies.
kozi awesome

Things For Sell! I wanna get! Need to get rid off ASAP

baby the star shine bright head dress for 25$

cute Vintage hat for 15$

vintage navy blue bag for 30$

fur collared sweater for 12$

lace choker for 10$

Never worn (but tried on) old navy knickers for 15$

size 8 maryjanes for 20$

vintage pearl necklace for 11$

Interested in anything let me know with a simple comment!

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Bored outta my skull!

Ladies and gentlemen I am so very sad to announce that my boredom has finally reached its peak!

also I have my style has been influence a lot by John Galliano lately a lot mmmmmhn!
also my style heroes of this year are TADAH!!
Kozi of Malice Mizer and luscious lucifer violenoue, That's right its all about being the boy this year for me
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Love: The Art Of Decadence

Love the Art of Decadence


Where will I find again my lost innocence, my lost dreams, and my lost heart that burned?

Where else will I find again my bleeding soul that loses itself to the wilds of wine?

Where else will I find again my honey vanity? My plum wine flavored memories that overflowed at the bank of an immortal high

Where would I find all this again?, But in the arms of this gorgeous monster.


Love is a sin beyond the reasoning of man

A sin that will cannot be forgiven, a sin we sin without a remorseful whisper

This is a sin that comes without salvation! Nor we who sin this sin seek salvation

This cannot be judged by man, and God can only watch as it tears through time following bearers of the sin.


Saving and damning me, blinding me and wizening me, cursing and blessing me

It never dies! It never lies! It’s so very kind and so desperately cruel; it taunts us like we’re mere fools

Like death its comes like a thief in the night, just like the pestilence stalking at mid day

A gift from heaven and a curse from hell, undefeated it stands before eternity


Life in its purist form! Oh you entice us! Oh how you terrify us

Reflecting in eyes! Reason of our cries! Let us go and leave us be! Oh Come to us and set us set free

You are fire and you water, burning and drowning yet we still keep yearning, suffocating forever

You make us wicked! Yet you keep us so good,


With no redemption, again and again we run into your arms

Calling with a hoarse voice so mortifying and soothing, an enticing sound that lingers on in the bones

My head to your feet, I pray may you come caress me now

This ecstasy beyond the grasp of my mental reflection


This bliss will forever burn at the center of sanity, spreading the ashes of this sin

My lost dreams, my heart that burns, my honey vanity and my plum wine flavored memories

I now know you will always reflect in the eyes of this gorgeous monster

Decadence is the stain left on the lips of us sinners.


Camille Tambe